My name is Raina Kropp.  
I am a mother, wife, daughter, sister, friend, colleague, and believer of smiles.

In my day job, I attract, engage, and retain top talent so that we can outperform the competition.

On the side, I run the Breakout Empire where my goal is to make people feel alive.  You know when you have so much energy you cannot contain your excitement?  That's how I strive to make people feel when they Work With Me.

I love to smile and believe in open and honest conversations.

I strive to surround myself with those that challenge and inspire me. I hope to do the same for those I meet.

I am a certified Professional in Human Resources (PHR) and AIRS Certified Internet Recruiter. I earned my HR certificate in 2008 and completed my MBA in 2011. In 2012, I was named Member of the Year by the San Diego HR Forum (formerly the San Diego Affiliate of the National Human Resources Association). In 2013, I became a certified Predictive Index (PI) ® Behavioral Assessment Analyst and was named a Finalist for the San Diego Business Journal's 2013 Emerging Generation: 25 In Their 20's.

I have worked at Vistage International since 2007, during which, my company has been named to the Top 125 Training Companies in the World by Training Magazine and to the Best Places to Work in San Diego by the San Diego Business Journal.

I have an insatiable appetite for learning and am always open to connecting.

As a working mom, I strive to inspire and live up to the superhero my daughter thinks I am. As a wife, I feel lucky to have found my best friend and try hard to show my daily appreciation for all that he does. I feel blessed and thankful everyday for my family, my friends, and this charmed life I get to lead in America's finest city.

Thanks for visiting my profile. 
Hope you enjoy a truly wonderful day :)


Let me rewind a couple years.  I was sitting in a book club at work, and the question was posed, "What do you do that makes you happy?  It cannot be anything that's dependent on others, meaning it cannot be an activity that includes someone else."  We were going around the table, and everyone was sharing their go-to activities that made them happy.  They were easily identified, passionate hobbies that my colleagues knew they could count on to bring them deep satisfaction and which they could get lost in for hours.

I started to panic.  My mind was racing.  I must have a passion.  There must be something that I do that I know always makes me happy.  Hanging out with my family.  No, I'm not allowed to use an example that includes people.  My husband.  No, wrong again.  Getting my nails done.  Yes but not really.  Shopping.  Maybe but sometimes it can be more of a chore when I can't find what I'm looking for.  Exercise.  Yes I can get a high on endorphins but it's not like I love it.  OMG!  It was now my turn. I opened my mouth.  I closed it again.  And then...I started to cry.  I could not think of anything that I did or knew about that truly made me happy.  How incredibly sad was that?

I would spend the next couple years looking for a passion.  My husband had his sports.  He could get lost in them.  Got excited when talking about them.  I gave up a little about ever finding one.  And then, one day, I started a blog.  I found myself spending hours on the internet researching "how to blog."  I was soaking up information left and right about how to optimize and build your blog.  I was brainstorming constantly what topics I could cover:  in the shower, in the car, over dinner.  Before I knew it, I realized, "Blogging was my passion.  Blogging makes me happy!"  Yay, I had finally found something to get lost in.  It felt like such an epiphany.

I obviously write about being a mom and living in San Diego, but you may ask why I write about the workplace.  Ever since I joined the workforce, I felt like there was a resource missing for my generation.  There was no guide out there that really told you how to be corporate savvy or what to expect.  Sure, there are tons of books and articles out there, but none that seemed fun to read and all ones that talked down to you.  So, enter my other discovered passion:  Leveraging my experiences in HR, to share with my peers how to succeed in the corporate world.  AND doing it in a way that is straight to the point and in a no non-sense format that is fun and easy to read.  Someday, I would love to build a curriculum for high school or college kids that included the basics of how to find a job, what to expect 8-5, and how to build a personal brand to launch your career success.  I feel like this is missing, and until it's included in the classrooms, I will share it in my blog.  And then someday, I'll compile the works from my blog to build something for our children.

And so, I look forward to seeing my blog evolve as I find my voice and my audience.  I have always said that I try to surround myself with those that challenge and inspire me.  I am finding the blogging community to be such a rich resource for learning and connecting.  I am excited about the adventures ahead.  Cheers!


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