Losing Weight and Being Healthy are lifetime journeys.  
This page is dedicated to sharing some of my tips, milestones, and motivation.  

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weight loss journey
The First 30 Days
how to lose baby weight
The Second 30 Days
before and after pictures progress pictures
90 Days, 29 Lbs, and 21 Inches Lost
San Diego Walks
Susan G Komen 3-Day Walk
The Rush Carmel Valley Review
The Rush Carmel Valley

do I really have to workout at 5am
The Trick to the 5am Workout
does 21 day fix really work online free fit group
What is a Challenge Group?  How Can It Help Me?
does beachbody workouts really work
Transformation Tuesday
should I buy 21 day fix on amazon
What's the Difference Between Buying From a Coach or Amazon?


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