Monday, January 1, 2018

Top 10 Things I Learned in 2017

Workplace Lessons for success

1. Find Your Coalition of the Willing

There are always going to be critics and haters. Instead seek out those that want to make the world a better place and give them your love and focus.

2. Code Names and Alliteration Make Mundane Projects Way More Fun

Work made fun gets done. Operations Golden Arrow and Mighty Eagle are way more fun to tackle than an “informational request from Sales or Accounting.”

3. Always Assume Positive Intent

It’s easy to villainize someone with a different view. If you purposefully assume positive intent, you'll be able to listen with an open mind and stay focused on the common goal.

4. Hide Your Goat

People can only affect you as much as you let them. The idea is that your goat is a metaphor for your state of peacefulness. When your goat is protected and hidden, you are calm and collected. When your goat is stolen, you become angry and upset. “No one gets Billy!”

5. Own Your Actions – It’s Never Too Late for an Apology

Acknowledge when you don’t show up in a way you would be proud of. Don’t offer excuses or explanation, just simply apologize and mean it.

6. Shine a Light on What’s Right – What You Focus On Expands

Focus on what’s going right. The more you seek the good stuff out, the more of it you will find.

7. Vulnerability Can Change the World

Too often we only share our highlight reel. It’s really important to normalize and help others realize they are not alone. Share your story and watch how many lives you can change.

8. You Are Not Anything Definitively. 

I am not concretely any defining characteristic, I am just in the habit of doing something that makes it deceptively seem so. I am not good at making healthy choices. No, I’m just in the habit of making un-healthy choices. Great news is I can change a habit. It is not who I am.

9. Know Yourself and Your “In the Grip” Tendencies.

Conversely, know how you personally recharge and give yourself grace.

10. Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

You really do not have to go it alone. The group will always be better than the individual.


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