Sunday, April 3, 2016

How to Heal From a Pinched Nerve (Mentally)

how to recover from an injury
I CONFESS I am not quite myself these days.
It's been tough.  If you follow me on social media, you might have noticed that I have not been posting as much lately.  (Case in point, my last blog posting date).

I am in a SEASON OF HEALING.  I was introduced to the concept of "SEASONS" last year and FELL IN LOVE with it.

Let's face.  Life is ever-changing.  You cannot be on top of it all of the time.
YOU JUST CAN'T.  So instead, think of your life in SEASONS.

I suffered a pinched nerve back in February and was unable to walk or stand.  I'm still recovering from that now.

And sometimes, events like that trickle into every part of your life.  It's crazy how all parts of your life, business, personal, and leisure all bleed into each other.  They impact each other in so many ways.  Not being able to walk and dealing with constant pain has heavily affected my ROLE as MOM, WIFE, BUSINESS PROFESSIONAL, COACH, and MOTIVATOR. 

My health took a hit.  I'm literally still limping months later.  It's been killing me not being able to exercise.  It has affected my mood, my productivity, my work, my life.

So I am in a SEASON OF HEALING, of pulling back and focusing on my health.
Physical therapy, soul therapy, chiropractic, learning to slow down and pull back from my otherwise CHARGE FORWARD life. 

It's a SEASON.  It's TEMPORARY.  It's necessary for my sanity to think of it like that.

What SEASON are you in?  What life change are you going through?
I LIKE SEASONS, because they are fleeting.  They bring change. 
They can be cherished and looked upon later with reflection and lessons learned.

Not an easy thing to do for a TYPE A personality like myself.

But I hope sharing this helps you.
Too often I think we TRY TO DO EVERYTHING and we understandably break or bow under the pressure of getting it all done.

YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO EVERYTHING.  It's actually not possible.  You will burnout if you try.
CHOOSE A SEASON.  If you take something on, TAKE SOMETHING OFF your plate.
If you're going to LEARN SOMETHING NEW, do a SEASON OF IT, in which you pull back from something else in your life. 

Find BALANCE and build SERENITY for yourself.
Cheers to a NEW SEASON.

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