Wednesday, December 23, 2015

My Theme Word for 2016 Goals and Dreams - FOCUS

how to pick a theme word for 2016 goals resolutions
As 2015 comes to a close, and I hear about people drafting up dream boards and new goals for the New Year, I think, "I should be doing this."

It's hard though to look back and reflect on an entire year.  My HR self has me thinking of performance reviews and how nerve wracking it can feel to sum up an entire year's effort on a few pages.

This is why I FELL IN LOVE with the THEME WORD idea instead.  Last year I discovered this approach and chose the word BRAVE for the year.  It acted as a lens through which I viewed all decisions and choices.  I posted it next to my bathroom mirror so I could ask myself each day, "Are you being BRAVE?  Are you getting out of your comfort zone?  Are you PUSHING YOURSELF?"

I think it was the perfect word for a year where I STARTED A NEW BUSINESS and had to LEARN A LOT OF NEW THINGS.  Not that I'm not always learning new things but being an entrepreneur while holding down a full-time job is no easy feat, and I knew it would take being BRAVE.

So back to my choice for 2016.  I think sometimes we can have TOO MANY GOALS.  It can often feel OVERWHELMING how much we want to accomplish and therefore, with our efforts spread too thin, we often do not get the results we want.

THIS YEAR my word is FOCUS.  I will choose 2-3 THINGS EACH DAY that I need to accomplish and will FOCUS on just those 2-3 THINGS.  I will feel like a WINNER when I complete those 2 -3 things too because I think it's important to have daily victories.  EVERYTHING ELSE I get done after those first 2-3 are a BONUS.  End of story.  I have already started this process and been happily surprised with the results.  It's amazing when you are able to narrow it down to such simple daily priorities.

What about you?  Do you make New Year's Resolutions?  Are you working on a Dream Board?  Do you have a list of Goals?

Or like me, will you be CHOOSING A THEME WORD?

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My Word and Color Theme for 2015 Goals and Dreams - BRAVE

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