Sunday, November 22, 2015

Headbands that Don't Slip - Sparkly Soul

sparkly soul headband review
Recently I discovered Sparkly Soul Headbands and OMG they are THE BEST!!!

I have SUPER THICK HAIR and I like to workout, BUT my headbands would always slip and fall off in the middle of my workouts.  Honestly, it was so annoying.  I could feel them as they would start to slip.

ENTER SPARKLY SOUL.  I first got to try one of their AWESOME HEADBANDS when my Blogger Friend San Briego gave me one as a gift.  And I LOVE them.  First time I wore one, I got through my whole workout and FORGOT I was even wearing a headband, which ALMOST NEVER HAPPENS!  I was shocked it stayed on throughout the entire cardio and strength training workout!

Plus, I love anything that SPARKLES.  I also like that there's no black elastic in the back.  It's just a velvety material which is softer on my hair.  And no, this is NOT a sponsored post or anything.  I don't get a commission whatsoever.

Here's their website if you're interested in checking them out:  SPARKLYSOUL

I don't know about you but I always get a little more excited about my workout when I have CUTE GEAR to WEAR!


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  4. Wow! I think I really need to try them by my own. I have short bob hair and it's really hard to get it in the ponytail, because hair is too short. And I hate when it falls in my face while I work. And I usually sit for a long time, writing papers for i'm using pins now, but they aren't really comfortable. As well as usual bands that fall off too often. So thank you for the idea!


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