Friday, October 9, 2015

How to Solve a Problem Like a Millionaire

secrets of a millionaire mind
So I was listening to the Secrets of a Millionaire Mind this morning and he said "You Are the Root Cause."

Let's say you're a level 2 in life and you're facing a level 5 problem. Many people see that as a problem because you are not equipped to handle a level 5 problem if you're only at a skill level 2. That is SUPER STRESSFUL!

He says you need to grow bigger than the problem. You need to get better. Work harder. Then let's say you grow to a level 8 in skill. That level 5 problem looks a whole lot different now. What if you kept growing and getting better? What if you became a level 20?! That level 5 is no big deal now. This is the secret to life and success!

You have to grow bigger than the problems. That's how I see listening to these books. When I listen to books or podcasts instead of the radio on my commutes, I am leveling up. The more I learn, the more I grow.

Things that used to stress me out, no longer seem that important. Conversations that used to be hard are getting easier. Relationships that were stressed are getting stronger.

Those level 5 problems will keep popping up. It's life. Most people deal with that level 5 problem and then are surprised when another level 5 problem pops up a month later. If they haven't gotten better, if they're still a level 2 then that's a stressed out hard life. Focus on you. Focus on getting better than your problems. It's your choice. Be empowered by that! 

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