Thursday, August 20, 2015

The Number ONE Secret to My Weight Loss Success

help to lose weight in 2 3 months
The NUMBER ONE RULE I have found to make THE MOST IMPACT on my health and fitness journey has been this:

***No Negative Self-Talk Allowed***

It may seem SUPER SIMPLE but that's what makes it GREAT.  Start small.  Just become aware of what you say to yourself on a daily basis.  Have you caught yourself saying things like:
I'm so fat.
I have no self-control.
I don't know where to start.
This is too hard.
I suck at this.
I'm so out of shape.

So on and so forth.  Well, STOP!  Can you imagine if you had a Coach who told you every day, every minute that you were fat.  That you never stick to anything.  There's no way you're going to finish what you start.  You can't do anything.  This is too hard for you.  Sorry but you're going to lose.  You're going to embarrass yourself.

How could you ever succeed???  And YET, that's what's happening everyday.  YOU ARE YOUR OWN COACH.  How you talk to yourself HAS A DIRECT IMPACT on how YOU FEEL and the RESULTS you're going to get.  Make sense?

So, STOP IT ALREADY.  Remember those are LIES!
You were made for greatness.
You are capable of AMAZING things.
You aren't perfect BUT you get better EVERYDAY.
You are WORTH IT.

I believe in you!  Go out there and BE GREAT!
Your body and your heart will believe what your mind tells it.
Tell it your dreams.  Infuse it with love.

Decide right now, that life's too short.  That you deserve more.  So shut up that voice who says you're not good enough.

It will make all the difference.  I promise.

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Tuesday, August 11, 2015

Why Bloggers Make Perfect Beachbody Coaches

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I've been a Blogger for about 2 years now, and I have found the blogging community to be nothing short of AMAZING and have truly enjoyed connecting with other unique voices around the interweb.

Many of the things I have come to LOVE about Blogging, I have also come to LOVE about Beachbody Coaching.  Based on my experience as a Coach, I believe there are several synergies between the two callings, and I would like to share them below:

1.  YOU CAN BE YOURSELF - I LOVE that no two bloggers are alike.  Even more so than that, the more unique and defined your personal brand, the better chance you have of standing out and creating a unique voice.  Beachbody Coaches are the same way.  No two Coaches run their business the same way.  They use different platforms, different mediums, and attract different audiences.  AND they can be EQUALLY SUCCESSFUL.

2.  WE SHARE WHAT WE KNOW - Bloggers are a community.  We understand the power of sharing what we know, spreading the comment love, and helping each other by sharing our knowledge and best practices.  The Beachbody community is very much the same.  Everyone freely posts their videos and training materials.  It's not a scarcity mentality.  Instead it's a "We are all in this together" type attitude which is refreshing.

3.  WE KNOW HOW TO GOOGLE IT - I believe Bloggers are resourceful, and we know how to sleuth out an answer.  Maybe it's because we have to figure out how to create a blog to begin with but I feel like Bloggers are roll up your sleeves, figure-it-out type individuals.  I LOVE that about us.  Coaching is the same way.  Yes, there are tons of resources, team support, and training available but at the end of the day, your success is in direct correlation to the amount of work and effort you put in to studying the craft.

4.  IT TAKES TIME AND EFFORT - You don't become a Star Blogger overnight with 100,000 monthly page views.  It takes time to build an audience.  The same is for Beachbody Coaches.  The great thing is all your hard work is not lost.  You can easily leverage your existing audience when you become a Coach, because at the end of the day, everyone needs health and fitness.  Everyone can benefit from living a healthier lifestyle. 

5.  WE KNOW HOW TO SHARE OUR STORY GENUINELY - If you've ever tried to monetize your blog whether through ad revenue, affiliate programs, or sponsored posts, you've probably dealt with how to share the content with your audience in a genuine way.  Beachbody Coaches do the same thing.  We're all on our own health and fitness journey, and we share that journey in a genuine and transparent way which allows people to connect with us.  From there it's a natural conversation where you're simply sharing a product that you love in the interest of providing a solution to a friend.

6.  WE UNDERSTAND AND CARE ABOUT PEOPLE - I think most of us started writing and blogging because we had something to say or because we found it therapeutic to put our thoughts out there and have them validated.  We know that when we write, we are writing to another human being.  We understand that blogging is more than just words on a website.  It's about making connections and building friendships.  Coaching is exactly the same way.  It's about the relationships.  It's about helping others, and genuinely caring about them.

These are just a few of the reasons why I think Bloggers Make Perfect Beachbody Coaches.  If you would like to learn more about the Coaching Opportunity and how you can Leverage your Blogger Skills to do so, fill out the form below.

Fill out my online form.

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