Friday, July 3, 2015

Is Coaching Right For You?

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So is Beachbody Coaching right for you?

Only you can ultimately answer that, but I can at least break it down for you to the

  1. FITNESS - You do not have to love exercise BUT you do have to be committed to your own fit journey and that includes getting your sweat on and on a regular basis.  
  2. NUTRITION - You have to have the desire to want to eat healthier.  That does not mean you have to be an expert or a die hard clean eater, BUT it does mean that you are working towards eating healthy and are open to following a meal plan.
  3. SHARING YOUR STORY - As Coaches, we share our progress and our own journey to inspire others.  We share the good and the bad, the non-scale victories and the struggles that losing weight and getting healthy can entail.
  4. LIFE-LONG LEARNING - In order to LEAD, you have to be constantly working on yourself.  This means reading personal development, watching training videos, connecting with other leaders and mentors, or basically as Covey would say, "Sharpening the Saw."
  5. HELPING OTHERS - You have to be genuinely interested in the success of others and creating a positive culture for people to grow and shine.  You can see their potential and help them become the best version of themselves possible.
If so, I would love to have an exploratory conversation WITH YOU about joining my team.

If you are interested, please fill out a COACHING APPLICATION today by CLICKING HERE.

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