Thursday, June 25, 2015

How to Find a Mentor

how to make a tough decision
Everyone talks about finding a mentor and how that will help you navigate your career.  The problem with that is you end up waiting and letting your success depend on a factor you do not control.  Finding the right mentor is like trying to find Mr. or Mrs. Right, but don't worry.  I have an answer for you to solve this dilemma.

I am currently reading Playing Big by Tara Mohr, and I fell in LOVE with this exercise.  I liked that it allowed you to be proactive and to look within for the answers.

Go with me for a moment:

Close your eyes.  Imagine traveling to earth twenty years into the future.

You arrive at the home of your future self.  The self who made all the right choices and for whom, everything went right.

What kind of place does she live in?

You knock on the door.  She answers.  What is she like?

For me, I was caught by the presence my future self had.  She had an inner calm about her, one that comes from a spiritual wisdom.  Her presence was warm and inviting.

Ask your future self, "What do I need to know to get from where I am to where you are?"  and "What has been most important about the past twenty years?"  Ask her anything about whatever troubles or dilemmas you are facing.  What does she say?

I saw myself, and she seemed to exude an inner peace.  She was happy and so completely comfortable in her own skin.  It was refreshing.  She invited me into her home and we sat in the living room, which was light and breezy because the windows were open.  I could hear wind chimes in the background.

Even now when I am feeling stressed or unsure, I feel like I can close my eyes and ask her, "What would you do right now?"  And she answers.  And I love how I am growing into her.  I love our conversations ;)

So I challenge you to Find Your Mentor Within because you'll be surprised that she or he does have the answer.  The great thing about this is the answer will be true to who you are and the path you want to travel.  If you are struggling with your job search or a career move, visit with your future self and ask them for their insights.  If you are not sure about speaking up or have a personal family emergency you are dealing with, ask your inner mentor, "What would you do?"  I hope you have a good conversation.  You might be surprised what ends up happening.

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