Thursday, June 25, 2015

How to Find a Mentor

how to make a tough decision
Everyone talks about finding a mentor and how that will help you navigate your career.  The problem with that is you end up waiting and letting your success depend on a factor you do not control.  Finding the right mentor is like trying to find Mr. or Mrs. Right, but don't worry.  I have an answer for you to solve this dilemma.

I am currently reading Playing Big by Tara Mohr, and I fell in LOVE with this exercise.  I liked that it allowed you to be proactive and to look within for the answers.

Go with me for a moment:

Close your eyes.  Imagine traveling to earth twenty years into the future.

You arrive at the home of your future self.  The self who made all the right choices and for whom, everything went right.

What kind of place does she live in?

You knock on the door.  She answers.  What is she like?

For me, I was caught by the presence my future self had.  She had an inner calm about her, one that comes from a spiritual wisdom.  Her presence was warm and inviting.

Ask your future self, "What do I need to know to get from where I am to where you are?"  and "What has been most important about the past twenty years?"  Ask her anything about whatever troubles or dilemmas you are facing.  What does she say?

I saw myself, and she seemed to exude an inner peace.  She was happy and so completely comfortable in her own skin.  It was refreshing.  She invited me into her home and we sat in the living room, which was light and breezy because the windows were open.  I could hear wind chimes in the background.

Even now when I am feeling stressed or unsure, I feel like I can close my eyes and ask her, "What would you do right now?"  And she answers.  And I love how I am growing into her.  I love our conversations ;)

So I challenge you to Find Your Mentor Within because you'll be surprised that she or he does have the answer.  The great thing about this is the answer will be true to who you are and the path you want to travel.  If you are struggling with your job search or a career move, visit with your future self and ask them for their insights.  If you are not sure about speaking up or have a personal family emergency you are dealing with, ask your inner mentor, "What would you do?"  I hope you have a good conversation.  You might be surprised what ends up happening.

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Thursday, June 18, 2015

Roasted Balsamic Radishes and Cauliflower

quick and easy healthy radish recipe dish
I've never had COOKED RADISHES before this dish, but I just bought them again during my last trip to the grocery store BECAUSE OF THIS RECIPE. 

I LOVED how easy it was to make and my hubby agreed it was pretty tasty too!

Without further ado, here it is!

10-15 radishes
1 head of cauliflower
4 tbsp. balsamic vinegar
2-3 tbsp. sesame seeds
1/2 cup green onions, chopped
2 tbsp. olive oil
1 garlic clove, chopped

Preheat oven to 425.  Toss cubed radishes, chopped cauliflower, balsamic vinegar, green onion, olive oil, and garlic in an 8x8 baking dish (line with foil for easy clean-up).  Place in oven and cook for 25 minutes.  Sprinkle on sesame seeds and cook for 5 more minutes and serve.

Bon app├ętit!
(Adapted from an recipe)

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Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Beachbody Summer Exclusive Sale - 1 WEEK ONLY

I rarely, if ever, do this but BEACHBODY is OFFERING some DEEP DISCOUNTS on a variety of their programs!  I personally have been using their programs for the last 10 years and LOVE them!

These offers are AVAILABLE in the US FOR ONE WEEK ONLY starting TODAY WEDNESDAY JUNE 10th (by 12:00pm PST) until WEDNESDAY JUNE 17th (at 12:00pm PST). 


Supply is limited so when items sell out, they are SOLD OUT.
Beachbody is also going to discontinue carrying the LES MILLS products, so if you want them, NOW IS THE TIME.

See below for details:

how to get beachbody programs on sale
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Definitely get the Les Mills Combat and Pump if you are even slightly considering it!  Like I mentioned above, these programs are going to be discontinued in the Beachbody collection and once they are gone they are gone forever!!!  Don't delay because it will sell out fast!

I really enjoyed Les Mills Combat.  I LOVED TurboFire and found this kickboxing program to be super fun!

I personally plan to get the ankle weights!  They're great with Brazil Butt Lift and Pilates in the 21 Day Fix.  It adds more resistance and makes the workouts more challenging!

Everything on this list is great!!!!  Think gifts for FATHER'S DAY, think birthday presents or Christmas presents! Especially the Beachbody Apparel is great for the person who loves the workouts or is a coach!

You can't go wrong!  But honestly it does sell out fast!

To see everything on sale you can use my link:

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If you have a Team Beachbody coach please contact your coach!  If you do not have a coach then I am happy to assist you, guide you and help you reach your health and fitness goals!

Don't see your favorite program listed above?
Want something different?
Ask me how to customize your health and fitness program now :)

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

How to Discover Your Personal Brand

Personal branding Raina Kropp San Diego HR Mom
Everyone talks about having a Personal Brand, but how do you know what yours is?  How do you Discover Your Personal Brand?

I personally am a huge advocate of personal branding and was inspired after watching a webinar by Becka Robinson on the topic.  She had a new spin on it that I had not heard before, which I would like to share.

Basically, your brand is How You Tell Your Story without words.
It's a Visual Representation, a collection of looks on social media across different platforms that together represents who you are and what you are about.

Your brand connects you with people.  It's the secret sauce that connects you to strangers.  Have you ever read someone's blog or visited their profile and thought, "Wow, I think we could be best friends."  Or you just have this feeling like you know them, even though you've never met them in person?  Those are signs of a strong personal brand.

If you find yourself automatically assigning character traits to someone you haven't met, like they seem "caring, altruistic, funny, genuine," then they probably have effective branding.

Okay, so how to discover your own.


Set a timer for 30 minutes.  Go to Pinterest  and pin without thinking.  Just pin things that appeal to you, that you're naturally drawn to and like.  It could be fonts, colors, pictures, quotes, anything.  This will help you see your personal style.

Once you are done, step back and peruse your Board.  What do you see?  Perhaps enlist a friend to look at it for you and have them describe the story it tells them.  Ask them to describe the type of person it makes them think about and what character traits that person has.  Use it as a spring board.  Once you can articulate the story it tells, it should help you define and discover what your personal brand is, which will help you create a cohesive brand across all social media platforms when it comes to colors/themes/interests.

I completed this exercise myself, and found myself drawn to hearts, the color purple, things that glitter, and bold lines.  You can see a snippet of it above.  It's definitely made me ponder and evaluate my current brand.  It's exciting to know that I'm a constant work in progress.  I am consistently growing and changing, so I plan to use this inspiration as a spring board moving forward to reinvent my own personal brand.

Think about what you want people to connect with you about.  Remember, like tends to attract like.  Or, at least, it attracts people who want to be like you.  So if your personal brand is strong, you should attract an audience that looks a lot like you.  Don't be afraid to let your inner style SHINE!  You give your audience permission to be who they are by being yourself.  Go out there and EMPOWER SOMEONE by discovering who you are and embracing it!

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