Wednesday, May 27, 2015

The Trick to the 5am Workout

beachbody coach raina kropp
What is the TRICK to the 5AM WORKOUT?  How do these people do it?  That's what I used to ask myself.  I just assumed they were cut from a different mold.  I thought "Well, that's nice.  That's inspiring.  That's not really me."  Well, TODAY, that is me.  
Through my OWN FIT JOURNEY, I've finally come to a point where I wake up at 5am to fit in my workout EVEN WHEN I DON'T FEEL LIKE IT.  I recognize that ANY EXCUSE I come up with when my alarm goes off is a FLAT OUT LIE.  
This is KEY. When the alarm goes off and the thoughts start playing through my head about sleep being more important or that I'll do it later, I literally just yell "LIES" in my head.  Haha, I know it sounds crazy but that's what has worked for me.  Honestly, any "legit" reason I come up with in the morning is just an excuse. It's not real. Once you OWN THAT, you'll realize there is no good excuse or reason not to get out of bed.
Just TURN OFF THE CHATTER.  The thoughts in your head usually aren't on the side of getting out from under the cozy covers so just SHUT THEM UP.  Roll out of bed and get your sweat on.   And you know what?  I HAVEN'T REGRETTED IT ONCE.
Simply make it a non-negotiable.  Lay out the workout clothes.  Plan out exactly what workout you are going to do.  Clear the workout space or put out the shoes and socks, if you are going to leave the house.  Make it easy on yourself.  Reduce the number of possible excuses you might have in the morning.
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