Friday, April 24, 2015

Who Cares About Company Culture or Employee Culture - What about YOU Culture?

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I know lots of people talk about company culture and employee culture, but what about YOU culture?  What about the culture you create in your everyday life.  I am an avid reader (okay Audible listener if we're getting technical) and it has made me realize that we have a culture of our very own.  And this culture, the one that we personally create, is more powerful than any other one because it is the lens with which we view all others.

My theory is that we have our own culture, in our life that we have knowingly or unknowingly created by the people we surround ourself with and the stuff that we expose ourselves to everyday.

Think about what information you absorb on a daily basis.

What blogs do I read?
What kind of news do I listen to?
What shows do I watch?
What books do I read?
What movies do I go to?
Whose opinion do I ask or seek out?
Are my friends the type that motivate or inspire me?  Or are they more likely to complain and lament something in their lives?
What do I focus on in my day-to-day life?
Am I worried about the government and the economy or am I growing myself to contribute to positive change?

It all makes a difference.  Little by little.  I made a change several months ago and STOPPED listening to the NEWS or listening to the radio.  I replaced it with positive audio books during my commutes.  At first, I was worried I'd be missing out on important events, but what I realized is most of it is NOT IMPORTANT, and most of it is NEGATIVE.  And it might not seem like it, but it was negatively affecting my mood or at the very least, not improving it.  And for the big news, I can guarantee, someone always told me about it.  So if it is important, you'll find out.

Look at the pic above.  Who do you think is leading a happier, more successful life?  Becca or Roger?  Can you see how they have each created their own culture?  If theirs was a company culture, which one would you want to work for?  If you wanted to be friends with one of them, whom would you choose?  Who are you choosing to be?

You have a YOU CULTURE.  What is it?


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