Thursday, April 9, 2015

My FailProof Daily Checklist For How to Feel Awesome and Happy

how to be happier
Want in on my secret for feeling awesome?  It's super easy to do.  I promise.  The only thing is, it's even easier not to do, which is why I have this checklist literally hanging on the bathroom wall for me to evaluate how I did each day!  

It never fails.  If I have had a less than stellar day, I can point exactly to one of the items on my checklist and realize I did not do it.  I LOVE being able to correlate it so easily.  It's like knowing there's a formula, or an answer key.  It will not solve everything but it solves a lot.

So here it is, My Daily Checklist for Awesomeness:
1. Exercise - Sweat is good.
2. Water - 8 glasses
3. Personal Development - Listen to a great book on Audible during my commute.
4. Nutrition - Eat Clean.  I LOVE my superfood shakes.
5. Sleep - 8+ hours please

I swear when I get all of these, it's really hard not to feel good. And when I've already done almost all of them early in the morning, I've set myself up for success for the rest of the day.  My perfect day starts with a 5am workout, a superfood shake for breakfast, and a great motivational book on the way into work.  BAM!  Instant grin from ear to ear, especially if I got 8 hours of sleep the night before.  It's like the fountain of youth.  It's magic. 

If I start the day like this, then it means I'm a nicer person.  I tackle my work with amazing energy.  I spread the awesomeness around, and I feel invigorated and purposeful.  And you know what, what you put out into the world gets reflected back at you.  Other people are nice to me.  Other people feel great and spread the love. Try it.  Observe how the world changes.  Do your own experiment if you don't believe me.  

So, how bout it?  Do you want to feel awesome?  Do you need help on where to get started?  If so, feel free to friend me on Facebook for daily motivation and tips at  Get to know me.  Then join one of my fun fit groups.  Change is not easy but it is so worth it, and it is a lot easier when you have support.  Make me your Coach today!

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