Wednesday, December 23, 2015

My Theme Word for 2016 Goals and Dreams - FOCUS

how to pick a theme word for 2016 goals resolutions
As 2015 comes to a close, and I hear about people drafting up dream boards and new goals for the New Year, I think, "I should be doing this."

It's hard though to look back and reflect on an entire year.  My HR self has me thinking of performance reviews and how nerve wracking it can feel to sum up an entire year's effort on a few pages.

This is why I FELL IN LOVE with the THEME WORD idea instead.  Last year I discovered this approach and chose the word BRAVE for the year.  It acted as a lens through which I viewed all decisions and choices.  I posted it next to my bathroom mirror so I could ask myself each day, "Are you being BRAVE?  Are you getting out of your comfort zone?  Are you PUSHING YOURSELF?"

I think it was the perfect word for a year where I STARTED A NEW BUSINESS and had to LEARN A LOT OF NEW THINGS.  Not that I'm not always learning new things but being an entrepreneur while holding down a full-time job is no easy feat, and I knew it would take being BRAVE.

So back to my choice for 2016.  I think sometimes we can have TOO MANY GOALS.  It can often feel OVERWHELMING how much we want to accomplish and therefore, with our efforts spread too thin, we often do not get the results we want.

THIS YEAR my word is FOCUS.  I will choose 2-3 THINGS EACH DAY that I need to accomplish and will FOCUS on just those 2-3 THINGS.  I will feel like a WINNER when I complete those 2 -3 things too because I think it's important to have daily victories.  EVERYTHING ELSE I get done after those first 2-3 are a BONUS.  End of story.  I have already started this process and been happily surprised with the results.  It's amazing when you are able to narrow it down to such simple daily priorities.

What about you?  Do you make New Year's Resolutions?  Are you working on a Dream Board?  Do you have a list of Goals?

Or like me, will you be CHOOSING A THEME WORD?

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Sunday, November 22, 2015

Headbands that Don't Slip - Sparkly Soul

sparkly soul headband review
Recently I discovered Sparkly Soul Headbands and OMG they are THE BEST!!!

I have SUPER THICK HAIR and I like to workout, BUT my headbands would always slip and fall off in the middle of my workouts.  Honestly, it was so annoying.  I could feel them as they would start to slip.

ENTER SPARKLY SOUL.  I first got to try one of their AWESOME HEADBANDS when my Blogger Friend San Briego gave me one as a gift.  And I LOVE them.  First time I wore one, I got through my whole workout and FORGOT I was even wearing a headband, which ALMOST NEVER HAPPENS!  I was shocked it stayed on throughout the entire cardio and strength training workout!

Plus, I love anything that SPARKLES.  I also like that there's no black elastic in the back.  It's just a velvety material which is softer on my hair.  And no, this is NOT a sponsored post or anything.  I don't get a commission whatsoever.

Here's their website if you're interested in checking them out:  SPARKLYSOUL

I don't know about you but I always get a little more excited about my workout when I have CUTE GEAR to WEAR!


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Sunday, November 8, 2015


darren hardy best present gift ever for hubby husband wife
Last year, inspired by a touching story I heard, I embarked on a simple JOURNALING CHALLENGE to record DAILY the Reasons Why....
I LOVE my Husband
I APPRECIATE the things he does
I didn't miss a day and I tried to find something different to write about each time. And over the course of doing this, it COMPLETELY CHANGED MY MARRIAGE and made it 100X times better, and he DIDN'T EVEN KNOW I WAS DOING IT. It was LIFE-CHANGING.
For this Challenge, you CAN PICK ANYONE to do this journal for. It doesn't have to be your spouse. It can be for your Mom, your Dad, your sister, your brother, your boyfriend, your girlfriend, your friend, or anyone else you choose smile emoticon
EACH DAY, as part of the challenge, I'll share a prompt to remind you to make an ENTRY, and I'll also share personal examples to help you think of something if you get stuck.
I thought it would be AWESOME to kick this off next week and FINISH IT JUST IN TIME for CHRISTMAS in case you wanted to give this UBER THOUGHTFUL GIFT to your LUCKY RECIPIENT.
My HUSBAND actually said this was the BEST PRESENT EVER heart emoticon
IF you would like to JOIN ME in this FUN and EASY CHALLENGE, just REQUEST to be ADDED TO THE GROUP HERE

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Monday, November 2, 2015

Free 5 Day "How to Survive the Holidays" Challenge

tips and tricks to survive the holidays
I don't know about you BUT right about THIS TIME LAST YEAR, I was like "You know what?! I give up! There's too many potlucks, sweets, candies, celebrations, parties, get togethers etc that I'm JUST GOING TO ENJOY MYSELF until AFTER THE HOLIDAYS." Sound familiar???
But you know what? That usually results in me GAINING 10 LBS and then feeling FAT, bloated, and honestly, a little bit ashamed.
Well, I BELIEVE there's a HAPPY MEDIUM. You don't have to go all out BUT you shouldn't just throw your hands up and do whatever you want either. BECAUSE I PROMISE YOU, come the NEW YEAR it will be 10X HARDER to get BACK ON TRACK than if you had just STAYED RELATIVELY ON TRACK the whole time.
It's not supposed to be a diet.
It's just EASY TIPS and TRICKS to get through the HOLIDAYS a little BETTER than you did last year.
We're talking SMALL CHANGES here.
We start next MONDAY NOV. 9th!

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Sunday, November 1, 2015

The Second Week of the 21 Day Fix

did you gain weight on the 21 day fix
So, I would say I conquered Week 2 of the 21 Day Fix Workout-wise.  I totally bombed though on the nutrition.  I cannot really even blame Halloween.  I did not have too much candy, but I let old habits creep.  There were multiple catered lunches at work, and my true achilles heel is eating ice cream at my parent's house.  I do not keep desserts in my house because I know I would eat them.  You cannot cannot always control what other people have at their house.  I had been pretty good for several months, but have lapsed more than I would like in the last couple weeks.

You get in this mode where you tell yourself, one scoop of ice cream is not going to make a difference.  The problem is, once you do it, it makes it easier to do it again.  Then what should be an "occasion" becomes a daily bad habit, which compounded over time leads to unwanted weight gain.

Sigh.  I am not giving up though.  I'm brushing myself off and continuing on.  I want Week 3 to be THE WEEK, where I not only dominate each workout BUT I also lock down my nutrition.  It helps that I am kicking off a 21 Day Challenge for MY TEAM tomorrow.  There is always strength in numbers :)

Here's a quick recap of this previous week:

raina kropp weightloss journey
Day 6 of 21 DONE!!!
Man this is tough. Not gonna lie.
The workouts actually aren't too bad. I'm coming to enjoy them BUT THE NUTRITION IS HARD!!!

O sure in theory it's good. And intellectually I get it. I know now why I had plateaued for so long. Even though I was eating generally clean, I was eating too much!

I just enjoy snacking. I mindlessly snack. I've recognized that I just like the act of eating. I'll eat watching tv, when I'm bored, just because it's there or when I'm emotional. Not good!

Now that I'm tracking my food, I realize what I'm doing. I pace around the kitchen and realize I could easily eat all my containers in one meal without thinking twice!

So for me, at least, this 21 Day Challenge is really teaching me and retraining me to fuel my body properly and not eat out of habit.

Also yesterday, I did have wine BUT I skipped the normal frozen yogurt and instead of lobster and mashed potatoes, I ordered their market fresh vegetable tasting platter and had a side of lobster. I will call that progress!!!

is the 21 day fix for beginners
Day 7 of 21 Done.
I've completed a whole week of workouts!
Now it could be SO EASY to recap and beat myself up right now for not following this program perfectly BUT what I have found SUPER IMPORTANT during any journey is to FOCUS ON THE PROGRESS and to only SPEAK TO YOURSELF POSITIVELY.

So here goes.
What I did well:
I worked out everyday and did the workouts in order smile emoticon
I tracked what I ate more than I have in the past several months.
Yesterday I had only one scoop of vanilla ice cream with my peaches when the old me would have had a whole bowl.
I had one spoonful of the neighbor's homemade tiramisu when the old me would have eaten the whole thing.
I split one carrot cake piece 4 ways and when my daughter didn't finish hers I didn't eat it when the old me totally would have!
I had a slice of butter on my potato last night. It's okay. I'll do better next time. The old me would beat myself up over it.

I am proud of my hard work over the last week. It was far from perfect BUT it was way better than it was the week

how much can you lose on the 21 day fix

I have a ways to go but I'm up for the journey. I'm going for long term change and that's not always easy.

Day 8 of 21 Done.
Surprisingly I felt really STRONG today.
There was a noticeable difference in both my ENDURANCE AND STRENGTH for today's workout compared to when I did it last week.
I was out of breath less and had more range of motion!

I will call that a NON-SCALE VICTORY!!! Woot woot!!!

great things never came from comfort zones
Day 9 of 21 Done.
It's weird but I swear it's getting A LOT EASIER TO WAKE UP and WORKOUT.
I know what you're thinking. Yeah riiiight!
But seriously, I read somewhere that you should get up the same time everyday regardless of how much sleep you got the night before AND everyday of the week including weekends. It somehow sets your internal clock. Shrug. All I know is it seems to be working.

So 9 workouts down. 9 days in a row. Now just have to tackle that "following a meal plan" part. I faltered a little yesterday after finding some frozen thin mints at my parent's house. BUT today's a new day. I will do better!

Remember, GREAT THINGS NEVER CAME FROM COMFORT ZONES. Get out of yours today!

Day 10 of 21 Done!
The old me would totally have skipped my workout today since I missed it this morning BUT I'm working on a NEW ME!

It's not easy. And I actually slipped up a bit on my nutrition today. It's tough when the food is free and you're

what can I eat on the 21 day fix
celebrating birthdays. I ate a snicker doodle and had a piece of ice cream cake.

I also noticed I was more inclined to indulge today than on days when I workout first thing in the morning. I also noticed that after I did my workout tonight, all I wanted was a salad for dinner so I didn't undo what I just did. There's something to be said for exercising first thing I think. You just set the tone for the whole day.

I'm almost half way through this challenge! So excited. I may not be perfect, but I'm me and I'm making progress.

Gotta wake up early tomorrow. I'm dressing up for work and will need a little extra time to get ready.

real san diego mom beachbody results

Day 11 of 21 Done!
I'm not even sore today. It's crazy really. I don't know why I didn't trust that following the workout schedule to a T would make such a difference. Of course the master trainer would have put the workouts in a specific order to optimize muscle recovery. Duh! That didn't stop me from jumping around and just doing the workout I felt like though before I started this.

I've already decided I'm going to do another round of this once I complete this. My goal is to NOT MISS A WORKOUT. And let's just say I have LOTS OF OPPORTUNITY to improve in the nutrition category.

What with potlucks and free breakfast at work today for Halloween, this time of year is REALLY HARD!!!

But I tell you what. I'm doing 10X BETTER than I would if I wasn't doing this challenge

Day 12 of 21 Done!
Today was a tough one. I feel like I barely made it through the workout. And you know what? That's okay. I did it anyway.


feeling tired bloated and unhealthy

And no beating myself up for poor food choices yesterday. I'm doing better this year than I was this same time last year. Can you believe I haven't broken into the Halloween candy yet???!!! I used to be someone who could snack on Reese's peanut butter cups, butter fingers, and twix all day. The fact that the candy bag I bought to pass out tonight is still unopened is a HUGE ACHIEVEMENT!

I am ALSO proud that I just finished my workout and my family isn't even up yet. About to record a welcome video for my new Challengers who are starting their 21 Day Challenge on Monday then I'm off to enjoy this Halloween Saturday with my family!!!

Cheers! Or should I say Boo!

Day 13 of 21 Done!!!
HAHA I had way too much fun thinking of how to capture this one. Have to say, I'm pretty proud of it. I knew that pregnancy pillow would come in handy again some day!

After a week of honestly, going off the rails nutrition wise, I AM BACK AND COMMITTED!!! I don't think it's a coincidence that it's right in time for my Team to start their own 21 Day Challenge tomorrow. This is actually why I became a Coach. I stay so much more accountable when I'm in/running a group. I don't feel so alone. I feel like it's easy to break a promise to myself BUT a promise to my Team is so much different.

I think sometimes people think that to be a Coach you already have to be fit and perfect. SO NOT TRUE. It's being real and sharing your journey that makes you so much more relatable. I struggle just like you. I just happen to share it publicly. I do so in the hopes that it inspires you to know that you don't have to be perfect to start. And you don't have to stay perfect to keep going.

Here's to the imperfect journey! That's what it's all about. 

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Saturday, October 24, 2015

The First 5 Days of the 21 Day Fix

first week of the 21 day fix beachbody coach
So, what's the 21 Day Fix actually like?  What does this 21 Day Challenge entail?
I CONFESS. I own well over 10-15 BEACHBODY programs. I've been doing them for over 10 years so I admit that I totally have A.D.D. and instead of following just one program for the whole 30, 60 or even 90 days that they call for, I like to pick and choose different ones at random to mix it up.
BUT I REALIZED earlier this week that it was totally defeating the purpose of having a PROGRAM!!! I was denying myself the BEST RESULTS.
I thought, "Hey, I'm fit. I'm working out 5-6 times a week and I'm using our programs."
BUT I wasn't benefiting from these EXPERT TRAINERS and the SPECIFIC ORDER they put these workouts in nor was I following the NUTRITION PLANS to a T. I was just eating clean "generally".
Well for the next 21 DAYS I plan to be an "A" STUDENT and follow both the WORKOUT SCHEDULE AND THE NUTRITION PLAN as closely as I possibly can!!!
At the end I'll share my results!
I'll be posting here and on my personal Facebook page for my own accountability over the next 3 weeks!!!
21 day fix 21DF plan struggling hard
CHEER ME ON if you can. This 21 day program has no rest days, just yoga on the 7th day so it will take some hard work to workout everyday NO MATTER WHAT!!!
I'm GAME though!!! Let's do this!!!

Day 1 of my 21 Day Challenge - I took my measurements and before pics last night.  I felt pretty good, as one usually does when first embarking on a new journey.  I woke up at 5am, completed the first workout, drank my nutrient packed shake, and headed off to work.  I also announced this 21 Day Challenge publicly on social media, so that I knew I would not back out.
I cut up a kiwi and an orange pepper for snacks at work.  I also loosely wrote out what I planned to eat that day and tracked the colored containers on the 21 Day Fitness Tracker app on my iPhone.  Ready, set Go!

what is the 21 day fix challenge what's it like
Day 2 of my 21 Day Challenge!!!

Woo hoo!!! Man it feels crazy I'm only 2 days in. Isn't it always the case when you're struggling and finding it hard that you FEEL like you should be so much farther???

Well, if I've learned anything, it's that this is a journey not a sprint or a race. And the only competition is myself.

Unlike, in the past, this time around I want to follow the nutrition plan as closely as I can.  I have a tendency just to guesstimate things instead of actually measuring things.  THIS TIME, I plan to really pay attention to the portion sizes and USE THE CONTAINERS as they were meant to be used.

The last time I did the 21 Day Fix, I actually didn't lose much at all, BUT the last time I did it, I actually didn't "DO IT".  I free formed it and followed it loosely.  You get in what you put out.  I also skipped workouts last time.  If I didn't feel like doing Pilates, I didn't do the Pilates DVD.  NOT THIS TIME.  This time, I'm NOT MISSING A WORKOUT.  AND I'm DOING IT IN ORDER ACCORDING TO THE SCHEDULE.

Day 3 of 21 DONE.
Not gonna lie. Today was tough.
how to lose weight in 3 weeks

I think if I hadn't declared this publicly, I might have slept in this morning.

That and I probably would have eaten bread yesterday at lunch BUT I want to show what can happen when you follow this program the way it's laid out.

I want to show myself that I can do it and follow through when it's hard.

And I'm sharing this publicly, 1. So that I have a better chance of finishing this and 2. To show you that I struggle too.

And don't ask me what face this is. I was trying to be somewhat cool, fake gang sign with my "3" but also goofy duck face and then I thought, who cares, you're way over thinking this Raina.
I feel like I can already tell a difference.  I know I'm only 3 days in BUT there's something about following a plan the way it was meant to be followed.  I'm excited to see the end results!

san diego hr mom beachbody coach 21 df results
Day 4 of 21 D.O.N.E!!! 
I'm almost a fifth of the way done! Yay!
I'm not normally a Pilates girl but in the video today she said the point of it was to stretch and lengthen your muscles to make them long and lean.  Like tall and thin?  I mean, I'm only 5' 2.5", so I can use all the help I can get.

So yeah.  Well, when you say it like that wink emoticon 
Haha, excited to go into the weekend!
I'm determined to stick with this and see it through to the end.

Also a little nervous because in the past date night meant wine, eating indulgently with lobster, cornbread, and mashed potatoes.  And of course, we would always stop for frozen yogurt with all the toppings.  My favorite being reese's peanut butter cups on top of vanilla or cafe frozen yogurt.  Sigh, well this time it's going to be different.  THIS TIME, I want to come out of the weekend WEIGHING LESS than when I went into it!

If you want something different, THEN you gotta DO SOMETHING DIFFERENT, right?!

21 day challenge does it hurt your knees do while pregnant
Day 5 of 21 Done!
I know, Riiiiiight???!

Haha yay!!! The OLD ME would have slept in because I felt like I DESERVED IT after a long week.
The NEW ME realizes I deserve to be FIT AND HEALTHY! So I worked out BEFORE the rest of my family gets up so I could still spend the whole day with them!
PLUS, date night's tonight so I don't have time to workout later.
Woo hoo!  I'm down almost 3 LBS in 5 DAYS!!!
And tonight's the night.  DATE NIGHT!  Gotta STAY STRONG!!!  I'll post my progress again next week.
Till then!
By the way, I totally confess I still was not able to follow the program to a T :(
I did do all the workouts in order :)
BUT I did have ketchup, a strawberry custard tart, Jello fat free cheesecake pudding mix, curry sauce, and honey roasted pecans.  I also ate out and unfortunately when you eat out, you can just never be sure how things are prepared, but I did the best I could.  Regardless, this is the CLOSEST I've followed it since I bought it, which was when it first came out.  AND HEY, 3 LBS is NOT TOO SHABBY!

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Sunday, October 11, 2015

How Much Does a Beachbody Coach Make?

how much money do beachbody coaches make annually
So how much does a Beachbody Coach actually make?

Well, it varies.  A LOT (I've actually included a link to Beachbody's 2014 Statement of Independent Coach Earnings if you want to see how much).  Technically, it can be anywhere from $14 to $2,411,214 per year, to be exact for last year anyways).

What I'm sharing with you today are MY EARNINGS as a Beachbody Coach and WHAT THEY HAVE MEANT FOR MY FAMILY, while also WORKING FULL-TIME as an HR Professional.  I also like to say I'm a busy Mom and Wife who likes to enjoy work/life balance.  I still treat my Coach Practice like a business though and intend to keep growing it.

I like that I'm working on something that's completely my own.  It's rewarding to help people achieve their health and fitness goals, BUT MORE THAN THAT I enjoy enriching people's lives.  I enjoy leveraging my HR background and coaching individuals not just on health and fitness but ON LIFE and super importantly on MINDSET.

I used to Poo Poo home businesses as NOT FOR ME.  Lol.  I thought, "O that's nice, but I'm set with my Corporate Career.  I'm doing just fine, thank you."  It was not until I met a multi-million dollar earner who was living MY DREAM LIFE that I opened up my mind enough to re-consider what this Coaching Business COULD BE.

I could go on but to the point of this post, I just want to share what Beachbody Coaching has meant for my family this past year.

What's exciting to me is that it's been consistent, and it's been steadily growing.  I used to automatically deposit money monthly into my savings account and my daughter's savings account.  Before Beachbody, I would frequently have to "borrow" that money back from my savings account each month to pay the bills.  THE BIGGEST THING I've noticed since starting to coach is that I NO LONGER BORROW FROM MY SAVINGS ACCOUNT.  That's HUGE!  AND I am not having to choose between luxuries.

  3. GAS - Lol you laugh but this adds up when you have a commute
  7. GROCERIES - including my LOVE of Sparkling Water and Kombucha
  8. SWIM LESSONS for my daughter
  9. GYMNASTIC LESSONS for my daughter
NEXT ON MY LIST (To be completed in 2016):
I am LOOKING TO RECRUIT TEAM MEMBERS to JOIN ME on this journey.  I'm looking for people who might not realize they're looking for this opportunity.  I knew I sure wasn't.  I really stumbled upon it by accident but I'm so glad I did.

The kicker for me was when I had realized I had stopped dreaming.  I mean truly stopped dreaming the BIG DREAMS without even realizing it.

Sure, I would drive by these rich neighborhoods and muse about what it would be like to live there, but deep down inside I had made peace with the fact that I was never going to make enough to ACTUALLY LIVE THERE.  BUT WHAT IF I could have that mansion?  WHAT IF I could have TRUE FREEDOM?  WHAT IF I could have THOUSANDS IN SAVINGS?

I know for me, I'VE REALIZED I ONLY GET ONE LIFE.  I might as well GO ALL-IN.  This Corporate Climber has turned a new leaf.  Sure, I like to think I'm still kicking butt in the Corporate World BUT NOW I'm also an ENTREPRENEUR with a BUSINESS OF MY OWN.  My eggs are no longer all in the same basket!

And THE BEST PART?  NO RISK.  Not for me anyways.  I can work my business on nights and weekends while holding down a FULL-TIME JOB.  So if I am not successful, then worse-case, I still have my full-time job.  Seems like a no brainer to me.  What do you think? 

IF you're interested in learning more and exploring what this is all about, APPLY BELOW.

Fill out my online form.

***Team Beachbody® does not guarantee any level of success or income from the Team Beachbody Coach Opportunity. Each Coach's income depends on his or her own efforts, diligence, and skill. See our Statement of Independent Coach Earnings for the most recent information on the actual incomes of all our Coaches.***

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Friday, October 9, 2015

How to Solve a Problem Like a Millionaire

secrets of a millionaire mind
So I was listening to the Secrets of a Millionaire Mind this morning and he said "You Are the Root Cause."

Let's say you're a level 2 in life and you're facing a level 5 problem. Many people see that as a problem because you are not equipped to handle a level 5 problem if you're only at a skill level 2. That is SUPER STRESSFUL!

He says you need to grow bigger than the problem. You need to get better. Work harder. Then let's say you grow to a level 8 in skill. That level 5 problem looks a whole lot different now. What if you kept growing and getting better? What if you became a level 20?! That level 5 is no big deal now. This is the secret to life and success!

You have to grow bigger than the problems. That's how I see listening to these books. When I listen to books or podcasts instead of the radio on my commutes, I am leveling up. The more I learn, the more I grow.

Things that used to stress me out, no longer seem that important. Conversations that used to be hard are getting easier. Relationships that were stressed are getting stronger.

Those level 5 problems will keep popping up. It's life. Most people deal with that level 5 problem and then are surprised when another level 5 problem pops up a month later. If they haven't gotten better, if they're still a level 2 then that's a stressed out hard life. Focus on you. Focus on getting better than your problems. It's your choice. Be empowered by that! 

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