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6 Human Needs by Anthony Robbins

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So what are the 6 Human Needs according to Anthony Robbins?  Often, after I read a book or listen to an inspiring talk, where I desperately feel that the information is life-changing, I create a visual for myself to print and post up on the wall for easy reference.  For me, both creating the visual, synthesizing the information down to a one-pager, and having it up on the wall, instead of written down as notes out of sight, helps me not only learn it better but live it better.

I realized some people might have interest in my visuals, especially if you have not had the chance to read these books or listen to these talks.  Even though they just graze the iceberg, they might still inspire and motivate, or even pique your interest enough to make you want to dive deeper on your own and listen to or read the original work.

I was looking at this one last night and felt it was particularly meaningful and relevant for the new year.  I do not know about you but I often think about how I can better my personal relationships with those around me and those I have yet to meet.  I also am always intrigued with the science or studies done around fulfillment and happiness.  As a facts and figures girl, I like to toy with the idea that there is a set formula for happiness.  I believe this one gets close.

According to Anthony Robbins, here are the 6 Human Needs:

  1. Certainty - The need for security, comfort, and consistency
  2. Uncertainty - The need for variety and challenges
  3. Significance - The need to feel important, needed, wanted, and worthy of love
  4. Love and Connection - The need for feeling connected with and loved by other human beings
  5. Growth - The need for constant development emotionally, intellectually, and spiritually
  6. Contribution - Giving beyond ourselves and giving to others
To me it is even more fascinating that two of them are in direct conflict with one another, or can be.  For me, identifying that I have both a need for certainty and uncertainty helps me design my life better.  I hope that makes sense.  It helps me re-frame my life.  For example, if I am feeling lost or out of control, I look for the certainty in my life.  It might be as basic as I know every time I work out and sweat, I feel better afterwards.  I have control over that.  Identify whatever gives you comfort.  Watch how identifying what is certain and consistent in your life makes you feel better or vice versa if you feel like your life is too monotonous.  Pick out the variety.  It might be as small as not ordering the same thing on the menu or wearing a different color underwear.  Lol.  Try it for a second.  How does it make you feel?  Kind of cool, right?

I love these 6 Human Needs, and I love pondering all that they mean.  They have so many applications.  Not only can you consider them as a map for yourself and your fulfillment, but you can use it as a template for leadership and what your employees, your family, your friends, your customers, or even the stranger you have not met yet needs.

For example, ask yourself as a manager, am I providing certainty for my direct reports?  Do they know what is expected of them and is it consistent?  Do they have variety in their work?  Are they being challenged?  For parents, are you making your kids feel important and wanted?  For people in relationships, are you feeling connected or making your significant other feel loved?  Are you contributing to society and making a difference?  Are you growing?  Are you helping others grow and develop?

Great questions for a new year.  For me, they start the conversation for the types of goals I would like to set.  The possibilities are endless.  What are your thoughts?  Do these resonate with you?  Do they make you think about what you could do for others?  I would love to hear your thoughts.

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