Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Fun San Diego Workouts - The Rush Carmel Valley

Fun San Diego Workouts Del Mar
Are you looking for a fun San Diego workout?  I am your typical, workout at home with a DVD type of girl, but when I want to mix it up, you can find me at The Rush Studio in Carmel Valley.  And no, this is not a sponsored post.  I just LOVE what The Rush does and wanted to share my experience.

So here's why I enjoy spinning at The Rush:

1.  Calorie Burn - Weekday classes are only 45 minutes BUT you drip sweat within minutes of starting.  If you are looking to drop weight and shrink your waistline, then this is the perfect workout!  Plus, they also include an arm workout which is nice.

2.  Great Music - I like to have a good time when I am working out.  Grooving to the music and pretending like I am at a dance party helps me push through the burn when my muscles want to give out.  Pair that with some black lights and theme rides, and I am there!

3.  Inspirational Instructors - Your leader can make all the difference.  My personal favorite Instructor is Beth but Courtney and Alissa are up there too.  I have not had the privilege of experiencing all the others but I am sure they rock as well.  I appreciate the blend of pushing me beyond my comfort zone physically but more importantly I LOVE that they inspire me mentally.  Pair that with their great friendly personalities, and it is like meeting up with your friends each week.

4.  Corporate Discount - Rewind 7 months when only my friend Jenn pictured above was going to The Rush.  She shared what a great experience it was at our Wellness Committee Meeting, and we decided to do an introductory Corporate Ride at The Rush.  Fast forward to the present, and we now have 15+ riders at The Rush which earned us a great Corporate Discount.  If you have a place you love going to for your workouts, and it is near your work, then I would suggest you pitch it to your Wellness Committee.  Who knows, you might be able to not only get a Corporate Discount but also inspire your colleagues to get healthier and more fit.  The benefits are great all around.  I love going to classes and seeing all the familiar faces.  It helps with accountability and builds camaraderie.

5.  Social Media Savvy - I LOVE businesses that "get" social media.  To me, it is so much more fun when you post a picture on Instagram or Twitter, and the brand, not only sees it, but comments and likes it as well.  The Rush also has a great app for your phone that makes signing up for classes super easy, and that is what I like, things that make my life easier.

So how bout it?  Have you tried a spin class at The Rush?  Let me know what you think.  I would also love to hear of other fun San Diego workout spots that you know of and LOVE.

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  1. You are such an inspiration! i also got motivated after read this. its a good habit to keep yourself fit and choose to eat clean and healthy food.


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