Tuesday, January 21, 2014

What is Target Cartwheel? - Secret Coupons and Savings

Target Coupons and Savings
What is Target Cartwheel?
Well, let me take a few steps back to explain how I stumbled upon this savings program.  My wardrobe surprisingly lacks a very important category of clothing - Comfy Clothes.  I know, strange right?  I am sure most people do not have this problem, but way back when I started working and money was tight, I swore only to buy clothes I could wear to work.  Fast forward to today, when I was shopping at Target this morning, trying to buy some "comfy clothes."  I had picked out a number of selections and proceeded to the fitting room.  Upon leaving the fitting area, I had selected 2 pairs of C9 by Champion pants and a Liz Lange long-sleeved shirt (Let us ignore that I am still purchasing maternity wear brands post-baby.  I must say though that they are super comfy and flattering).  I had given the fitting room employee 3 C9 brand shirts that had not worked out.

As I was walking away, the fitting room employee called out to me, "Do you have an iPhone?"  I looked around.  Was she talking to me?  She was.  What a weird question.  I was slightly intrigued and slightly skeptical.  What was this about?  She said "C9 is 40% off on Cartwheel today."  It meant nothing to me.  What was she talking about?  She proceeded to pull out her iPhone and that is when my mind exploded.  Just kidding, but seriously, I was in awe.  In a nutshell, Target has an app called Cartwheel that apparently has secret coupons and savings that I had no idea existed.

The app kind of reminds me of Foursquare and Facebook combined.  It has an activity tab where I can see what deals my friends have added.  You can earn badges and browse deals by searching collections or scanning barcodes in store.  It is like an electronic coupon book, and at the end, all you have to do is show your phone to the checker to get your hidden discounts.

Fast forward to checkout.  My total came out to $102.57.  I showed the checker my Cartwheel app barcode, and she scanned it.  It seemed too easy.  I asked about coupons, because I assumed if you used Cartwheel, then it must exclude the use of other discounting deals.  Surprise!  Coupons can be used IN ADDITION to CARTWHEEL.  I was excited because I also had a Target coupon for $8 off and was able to use my Target Visa for an additional 5%.  The grand total after everything was $56.40!  For a TOTAL SAVINGS of $46.17!  I am still trying to figure out what Cartwheel is all about, but bottom line is it has already saved me a bunch of money.  I signed up using my Facebook and was surprised to find 30 of my friends already on it.  Why had no one told me about it?  Well, I am not going to be one of those friends.  I plan to share the news!  Hence this blog post.

So, have you heard about Target Cartwheel?  Have you used it?  Do you know of any other secret coupon apps or programs that are not highly advertised?  Please do share.

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