Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween! Ladybug and Princess Leia Costumes

Happy Halloween!!!  
Our little ladybug enjoyed her first Halloween.  The Carter's costume was perfect and such a great value.  It was cushioned and cozy.  Right now, she is sprawled out on a blanket on the floor and looks super comfy.  We also successfully pulled together a last minute Princess Leia costume yesterday.  I dressed up as Darth Vader for work and thought it would be so fun to have her stop by for a quick cameo in our costume contest with me.  It was a hit, and we made the whole costume out of things we had around the house.  We used a sweat headband, a pair of brown dress socks, and some safety pins to make the infamous buns.  Throw in a pillow case and the bottom of a brown shirt, and we had her outfit.  Check out the final result below :)


  1. She looks so cute in both costumes but i think it's a fab Princess Leia costume! Love how you created this at home for her - not surprised it was a hit at work.

  2. Thanks Kriss! I was really happy and pleasantly surprised with how it turned out :)

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