Wednesday, September 25, 2013

What to Wear to Work - Tieks by Gavrieli

Tieks by Gavrieli are the only ballet flats I think I will ever wear.  Something has to be said for the special relationship a woman has with her shoes and the place in her heart she has for only very special brands.  There are some brands, you just gravitate to because they are gorgeous and comfortable.  Every girl has her favorites.  My best friend loves Seychelles for instance, and I've always loved Callisto wedges.  You seek them out, and you cannot get enough of them.  I received my Tieks a little over a week ago, and I have a sneaking feeling that they have become one of those such brands.  I'll find myself just sitting there staring at my feet, mesmerized by how they shimmer and change color in different lights.

Almost like an Apple product, even the unwrapping was an "experience" as opposed to just rote packaging.  My beautiful flats arrived in a simple teal box, adorned with a cute elastic flower band, modeled by my daughter above.  As you can see, the shoes are made to fold and fit in your purse.  They even come with a cute portable black bag to carry them.  And like a Nordstrom personal touch, there was even a handwritten note card addressed to me.

Now, I am not your typical flats-wearing girl.  In fact, I usually dislike flats.  It is probably because I'm 5' 3", and I usually feel short and frumpy in flat shoes.  The only time I really wore flats was when I was pregnant.  Fast forward to today, where I am making up excuses to wear my Tieks.

Here are my 5 "I heart Tieks" reasons:

  1. Comfort.  These shoes are super duper comfortable.  Usually, whenever I try a new style of shoe, I get blisters.  Either on the back of my heels where shoes typically rub or on the top near my big toe.  I did not get one blister from these shoes.  No rubbing, no discomfort, no nothing.  Nothing short of amazing in my mind.
  2. Style.  These shoes are gorgeous.  I bought them in the color Lovestruck.  And because they seem to shimmer, sometimes I feel like I see deep purples and golds.  Other times, it seems to be more copper and rose gold.  And because it has the signature blue stripe and rubber patches, it pairs beautifully with teals and sea-foam green.  It also went elegantly with a deep purple dress and this necklace I am obsessed with from Daisy Blue, a boutique store in Del Mar.
  3. Versatile.  I feel casual yet dressed up in these shoes.  They are perfect for work because I am usually running around a lot.  I have been trying to get more exercise by taking the stairs and sometimes when I am in heels that is just not a good decision, but in my Tieks, I am jogging up 4 flights of stairs no problem.
  4. Compact.  I love that these shoes fold up and fit in my purse.  And even better, they come with their own little black bag.  So cute and practical!  I imagine I can bring them in my purse and break them out during a night out on the town if my heels are not treating me well.
  5. Quality.  You can tell these shoes are well made.  The leather just looks and feels luxurious.  Plus they are super durable and flexible.  
The only downside is probably the price, but you pay for what you get.  My mom always used to say there are 2 places you should splurge:  your bed and your shoes.  You only get one back and one pair of feet so you might as well treat them well.  Plus, shipping was free, and they arrived in just a couple days.  So, if you are looking for a pair of high fashion ballet flats made of the finest Italian leather that will make you feel like a rockstar at work, then Tieks are your brand.  Do you have a brand of shoes that you just love?  Please share below.  I'd love to hear what your favorite shoes are and why!

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