Sunday, September 1, 2013

How to Keep Your Baby Cool at a Summer BBQ

Yesterday we went to Kaelani's first outdoor BBQ to celebrate the Labor Day weekend and the new backyard renovations our friends had made.  About a day before I belatedly remembered that they do not have any air conditioning, and it was projected to be relatively hot.  I was super worried about keeping her cool and thus began to brainstorm my options.

I immediately thought of a personal fan.  I called the local Ace Hardware and CVS but unfortunately they did not carry them.  I then thought about Target but at this point we were already running a little late, and Target was a little out of the way.  Then it came to me....Bed Bath and Beyond!  I checked their website for personal fans.  Satisfied that they had options, I quickly ran to the store and picked up a personal fan and mini-mister.  I figured that was the best I was going to do at this point, and if it got too hot, we could always leave.

When we arrived, my friend Jenn had the brilliant idea of attaching the fan to her stroller so I would not have to personally hold the fan the whole time.  With the help of some string, we were able to jerry-rig the fan to her carrier.  She did kick it a little but the blades are made of foam so it did not hurt her in any way.  As a finishing touch, I would periodically spritz her with the mister and the fan would nicely disperse the coolness on her.  Overall, she stayed relatively cool and happy = SUCCESS!  And that is how to keep a baby cool at a summer BBQ :)

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