Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Savory Orange-Roasted Tofu and Asparagus Recipe

I am a self-described horrible cook, however my husband often reminds me that it's not an inability but rather a distinct dislike of cooking.  Strangely enough though I've been bitten by the cooking bug ever since I started making baby food.

Tonight I tried this Savory Orange-Roasted Tofu and Asparagus recipe.  I couldn't find the red miso, so I substituted black bean garlic sauce.  I also doubled the recipe and added some ground turkey.  Other than that I tried to follow it as best I could (I have been known to guesstimate instead of measure).

We served it over rice and called it a day.  Overall I really enjoyed it, and it only took me about an hour from start to finish.  There are no leftovers, so I will chalk this up to a success.  Yay!

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