Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Kaelani's 1st Visit to the San Diego Zoo

So, I'm excited about 2 things after our visit to the San Diego Zoo last weekend.
  1. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the white safari hat we bought in the gift shop at the Zoo.  Not only is it super cute BUT my 6 month old actually found it comfortable and did not attempt to remove it.  AND it actually appeared to provide adequate sun protection for her delicate skin.  If nothing else, that purchase alone made the trip a win in my opinion.  Thumbs up for the Original Flap Happy :)
  2. Kaelani's favorite animal was none other but....wait for it.....another human baby.  We have had a baby boom at my company in the last couple years.  It's seriously in the water.  We have 125 employees at headquarters and we had 20 children under 2 at our company picnic this weekend.  Kaelani had no interest in the bearcat or the armadillo from our animal presentation, but she did laugh and coo over meeting another little baby named Lily.  It's funny how just the simple gesture of her trying to reach out and hold another baby's hand just made my heart melt.
I can't wait to return to the Zoo when she'll actually be interested in the animals behind the glass and ropes.  Seeing the world through her eyes brings back a novelty and excitement that's long been forgotten.  I hope I learn to slow down and appreciate these little moments while I can.  

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